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This website is designed to inspire, motivate and empower all Fellow Messengers of the Pure Light. For all lightworkers as Psychics, Healers, Channelers, Mediums, Soul-Seekers, who align oneself with the Higher Source, I wish this website would provide you with resources to your ascension to the Greater Consciousness. We are all One, eternal beings of the Divine Light. Your journey is essential to our collective journey. Your ascension will transform and uplift all of us as it is for youself.

Hello, my name is Louise. My paranormal experiences have began as far as I could remember. When I was at my teen-ages, I had decided not to be a "weirdo" and asked God to take away all these "powers" from me. My strong Christian background led me to believe that it was somehow evil to see, hear and know things that others don't, especially that woman spirit who I talked with when I slipped into trance state like daydreaming. Though I felt comforting to talk to her, I had decided that was just a bad habbit, nobody else was doing this! I remember I had to pray 3 times to God in such stress saying that woman should leave! Now I know that she was my Spirit Guide. Well...it did not end there, thank God. My intuition is still within my core. As I mature,  my spiritual path being unfolded ever brighter. I am now in service to assist your spiritual journey.

There are different facilities being offered here that you are encouraged to explore. In the Learning Centre you would find plenty of home-study programs to suit your soulful needs. If you are in the area of Toronto-Ontario-Canada, please check the Workshops page for events that might interest you. The Coaching program will assist you to unfold your unique pathway to the fullest and highest extend. Psychic Reading and Angel Messages will deliver positive insights so that we move on in life with celebrations.    

Disclaimer: Energy Healing is a powerful, complementary holistic therapy and is an adjunce to, and not a replacement of convention medical care. We do not prescribe or make diagnosis. Please refer to your family practitioner for diagnosis of any medical problems and appropriate prescriptions or medication adjustments. It is your sole responsibility what you do with the information given.